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The second-largest global search engine in the world after Google, YouTube is the biggest video platform there is now. Nearly 2 billion people from around the globe log in to this platform to learn more about different topics, to be entertained by the various videos that are posted each day. Despite the huge audience that this platform has, one of the biggest hurdles that marketers face is receiving solid views for the videos they post.

Did you know that nearly 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute? About 5 billion videos are watched each day by YouTube subscribers. Despite the billion real YouTube subscribers and the ginormous audience watching several hours of videos, there are many videos that do not receive exposure that they deserve. Developing a strategy to increase YouTube views is a mystery to marketers and a hurdle that they must cross to ensure that they experience growth.

How to unlock solid viewership?

A successful YouTube marketing campaign indeed generates a decent number of views. But, as a marketer, it is your responsibility to formulate strategies and tactics that help you generate more views on your video. It is something you must try to achieve, to contribute to increasing the growth of your brand.

There are several ways in which you can increase YouTube views. Here are some tips that can help you.

  • Make sure that your YouTube basics are fundamentally covered before you move on to the advanced tactics.
  • Concentrate on your niche or your ideal audience instead of the billion users
  • YouTube is a social media platform that is search engine optimized. Do your research! Check out how you can improve your video’s search ranking
  • Make videos that no one else is making to be recognized, but make sure to add value to the content
  • Partner-up with influencers, they can help!
  • Build a strong relationship with your viewers
  • You can increase your YouTube views by using metadata to get recommended
  • Promote your channel using various other social media platforms
  • Make use of the various YouTube tools that help you increase views

Every business is different from the other and every business needs a different marketing strategy. Did you know that only 9% of businesses use YouTube? There are several businesses on various social media platforms that do not get the exposure that they need to grow. Growth becomes stagnant even with their presence on social media platforms such as YouTube. Several businesses fail to get sufficient YouTube views as the various tactics they use fail. One of the best ways to increase YouTube views that contribute to the business’s growth is to make use of various YouTube features or tools.

Tools to boost YouTube views that every marketer must know!

Are your YouTube videos not getting enough views? There is a good chance that you are missing something. From creating great content to ensuring that the content gets the exposure that it requires, a marketer must take responsibility for all aspects of social media marketing. Some of the fundamentals that can help a marketer or a business over the long-run include several great YouTube features. Some of them include the following.

Channel Dashboard

Channel dashboard is one of the features of YouTube Studio, an all in one place for video creators to monitor, improve as well as optimize their channel. The channel dashboard tracks the performance of your video as well as your channel. You will be informed of the comments, news, and trends that are circulating on your channel.

As a marketer, you can use the channel dashboard to understand which videos fared well, which didn’t, and how you can develop it. You can learn about ongoing trends in the market and the social media platform you can benefit from. Also, you are offered various news on topics that can affect your content strategy.

Channel Analytics

Your YouTube Studio also contains the channel analytics tab that offers you data on your channel’s performance as well as any specific video that you have posted. The data provided offers vital information that you can use for your benefit. Just a glance at the analytical dada won’t offer you any answers. But if you look deeper, you will get information that will help you make an informed decision.

The channel analytics tool offers the following data that you can make use of

  • The average display time for each video in your channel
  • The delivery point where several audiences have left the video
  • Channel specific subscribers and views
  • Show numbers for each video in the channel
  • Demographic information about the audiences or viewers and their interests

Let us assume you have posted two different videos, one that offers detailed information on how to use a particular product that you offer, and the other is an advertisement that shows various product types under a segment. There is a high possibility that the video offering detailed usage information is viewed more than the advertisement. The first video gets the highest views and high average view times as well while the second video gets lower views. The data means that your audiences prefer videos that are similar to the first kind.

SEO tools

It would be wrong to say that YouTube created video or playlist titles, video descriptions, and channel overviews for search engine optimization. Yet, it is incredibly vital for the optimization of videos if they must appear in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing among others. Optimizing your content is not as difficult as it seems to be. By using keywords to fill out the video description and other details, you can customize your channel or video.

You must make sure that the keywords that you use relate to your niche or industry. A description that is filled in accurately and informatively increases its chances of being found by internet users when searching for content related to your channel.

Playlist Autoplay or Featured Video

Yet another feature that you can make use of to increase your YouTube views is the use of a feature video. You can feature a video or playlist as well, on your main YouTube channel that can welcome new Youtube subscribers. The content can also captivate viewers and intrigue them to subscribe to your channel. You can create introductory content to entice new visitors and convince them to subscribe, or feature informative content for your real Youtube subscribers who already know about your channel and the content you offer. You can set different videos for subscribers and new viewers and offer content based on specific needs. Also, features videos let you pull in views when your video is watched. Once it is selected, you can set it to autoplay to score some additional views.


Have you tried encouraging your audiences to share your videos? There are so many options that you can offer, from being able to share on their social media platform, to sharing them through other means of communication in the form of links. YouTube offers an integrated sharing function that allows viewers to share on other platforms that you can make use of.

Cards, Thumbnail and End Screens

Formerly known as video annotations, cards are another feature that YouTube offers using which you can boost views of your video content. Cards are clickable interactive areas or pop-ups that appear during the video. As they are pop-ups, you must make sure that they add value to the viewer and not spam them. You can use them to link them to polls, to other videos, playlists, and more. You must make sure that the link you add to the card is relevant as well, which helps you attract more viewers and offers something in return to the audiences.

A customized thumbnail plays a major role in increasing views as potential viewers skimming through recommendations and search results decide what to watch based on the thumbnail. A thumbnail must be clear, accurate, and about the video. It must stand out and in tandem with the title.

On the other hand, end screens are visual calls-to-action that appear at the end of the video and encourage viewers towards the next step. The end screen is a sign that your viewer has reached the end of your video and is probably interested in the content. You can use this feature to encourage your viewers to visit your website or subscribe to your channel.

Video description links

The use of links is a common strategy that many digital marketers use. When you write a blog, article, or any content that you post on your website, you are likely to link it to other articles or blogs on your website, which enables you to get multiple views. The use of YouTube video description links is no different. Video descriptions appear below the video, usually a short description of the content in the video. The most ideal way to increase your videos’ views is to add links to related videos or your channel as well as a brief description of each title. You not only contribute to the viewer’s experience, but you also increase the possibility of your content being viewed.

YouTube has a list of helpful features that you can use to increase the visibility of your content in the channel as well as in search engines. Besides the tools mentioned above, to boost the views of your videos on YouTube, you must build a strong content strategy, and make optimal use of the features offered by YouTube.

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